Thank you McGinnis for the $1,000 dollars for a new or used vehicle at Fiesta Auto Group. Our family's car broke down, took the $1,000 Certificate to Fiesta and they took the 1,000 dollars OFF the price of the car. Just like if I had given them CASH... WOW fantastic Thanks Again,
Michael F., Albuquerque

To all McGinnis Driver Safety Centers. Thank you for the Fiesta $1,000 dollar Certificate for a new car I just got from Fiesta Dealership. I needed a NM Road Test and after the test your examiner gave me $1,000 dollars certificate, that was about two years ago. I found the certificate at home, went to Fiesta and they gave me the $1,000 off on my new car. Thank you very much, I do appreciate the extra $1,000, it really did help me in getting a new car.
Carol M., Gallup

Hello Mr. McGinnis, I just got a new car, well, it's not a new car, it's used, but it's new to me being my first car. I gave my dad the $1,000 Certificate, we went to Fiesta Auto Dealer and picked out my car Dad said it was great to have more cash down in buying any car, to keep the car payments down lower. Just like you said in the classroom. Thank you for the money, because I have to help in making the car payments.
John A. Albuquerque/strong>

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